The Burning of 257 ROBIN™

The Burning of 257 ROBIN™

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So, I made a mistake… After creating my first NFT – the 257 ROBIN™ note certificate on the blockchain – just to be sure, I made an inventory-check. And I noticed: I never actually produced a 257 ROBIN™ note! It is a prime number, so technically I can create such a ROBIN™ note. But so far, I have not. I only once started to make one, but never printed and finished it.

In addition to that, I also was not too happy about the 257 ROBIN™ NFTs design: Most other NFTs seem to consist of a nice little animated GIF. So that is what I made for the 2 ROBIN™ coin: The first ROBIN™ currency NFT in animated GIF form.
I was very pleased with the result! But at the same time, the shortcomings of the 257 ROBIN™ NFT became apparent. So after careful consideration, I made the decision to burn the first NFT I ever made. Thankfully it was never sold and therfore still in my Ethereum-Wallett. Using the same plattform with which I created the NFT, I also burned it. It wan’t free, but thanks to the currently low Ethereum gas-fees still affordable.

After that I went on to create new NFTs! I ascending order of their denomination: 3, 5, 7… Beginning with the most valuable, 2-digit-ROBIN units, as these are most in need of being protected by a blockchain-based certificate of authenticity.
I also created animated GIFs for these new ROBIN™ currency notes, so that the buyer keeping them in their wallett can admire both their sides – and also more in line with other NFTs for sale on the public marketplaces.

I will continually be adding new ROBIN™ currency NFTs, also of smaller denominations, that are more easily addordable – So as to ultimately secure all the ROBIN currency on the Ethereum-blockchain!