Money has only so much value, as we give to it. We trust that the coin or note is universally seen as the representation of the value printed on it. This is the case with any currency: We believe the national banks that they stand for the value of the money, to that extent, in which we execute transactions in that currency.

On the British Pound the Queen writes: ‘I promise the bearer on demand the sum of… (value of the note)’.
She promises us in exchange for the note, on demand, the sum that is stated on the note. As the value of money is no longer bound to that of gold, the note represents the representation of a value and is therefore a promise of a promise, in which we all believe.


(Based on the Exchange Rate Table)

The ROBIN™ Currency is based on prime numbers, whereby each note represents one prime number and only exists once.

There can be printed an infinite number, but the amount on the notes always increases, which makes the lowest numbers the rarest and therefore most valuable.

The position of the artist Robin Bhattacharya on the international art market guarantees the value of the ROBIN™ currency.

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