The ROBIN™ Currency

is a fully functioning currency system based on prime numbers.
The coin and notes of any denomination each correspond to one prime number and are therefore unique.

You can conveniently exchange other currencies such as Euros, Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pound, Yen, Yuan, Dinar, Rupees or Rubles for The ROBIN™ Currency using your credit card.

The currency can be freely traded and the fluctuating exchange rates reflect the market value.

In times of economic uncertainty, the investment in art is – while risky – one of the most recession-proof. Otherwise often limited by other factors such as prize, size and weight, the ROBIN™ currency makes investing in art as easy as getting your holiday money and as portable as any other currency.

And while other, state-supported currencies are in turmoil, the art-currency ROBIN™ might well be one of the most stable, as each note is unique and therefore, in time, can only increase its value.