The ROBIN™ Currency on the Ethereum-blockchain

Ethereum is the cryptocurrency with the second-largest market-capitalisation after bitcoin and the one with the most forward-looking development, as they are trying to make its production greener. That is why ROBIN™ is now on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to its physical security features, the ROBIN™ currency is now also secured on the blockchain:

The ROBIN™ currency is now also available as an NFT – a non-fungible token (ERC-721) on the Ethereum-blockchain.

This means, two things:

  1. The ROBIN™ coin and notes can now be secured on the second largest and most future-proof blockchain: Even if someone were to “copy” (fake) the ROBIN™  coin or note, only the one physical product corresponding to the one of token holder is certified to be the original ROBIN™. (This makes investing in more expensive, smaller-denomination ROBIN™  safer.)

  2. If you want to purchase ROBIN™ securely without the physical exchange of a ROBIN™ note, you can do so now. On different marketplaces for NFTs you can you now buy a digital certificate that you are the owner of a ROBIN™, without necessarily having to buy the physical ROBIN™ note. 

The ROBIN™ Currency NFT on the Ethereum blockchain - Now for sale on OpenSea and Rarible:

As the security aspects are most important for the high-value ROBIN™ notes, they are prioritised to be secured on the blockchain. So I started to create NFTs of the smallest denominations first, beginning with the 2 ROBIN™ coin and the single-digit ROBIN™ notes 3 ROBIN™, 5 ROBIN™, 7 ROBIN™. 

Feel free to contact ROBIN™ if you are interested in a specific small-denomination ROBIN™ and we can discuss putting it on the ethereum-blockchain as an NFT for you to purchase.