The ROBIN™ Currency – Online Store Now Open

Today Friday 5/9/08 at 12.00 GMT The ROBIN™ Currency – Online Store has officially opened and you can now conveniently exchange other currencies such as Euros, Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pound, Yen, Yuan, Dinar, Rupees or Rubles for The ROBIN™ Currency online using your credit card. (Buy a ROBIN™ Now)


At the moment there is no packaging and postage fee – Free World-Wide Shipping!


What’s next? Possibly another set of ROBIN™ with higher prime numbers. As of now there are no ROBIN™ under 90 CHF / 55 EURO / 44 GBP / 86 USD available, after all notes over 443 ROBIN™ have sold out. (See Exchange Rate Table)


But as the coin and notes of any denomination each correspond to one prime number, they all are unique and have so far only increased in value. (See Market Analysis

The position of the artist Robin Bhattacharya on the international art market guarantees the value of the ROBIN™ currency.

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