Amongst the investors in the ROBIN™ currency are the following leading art collectors, gallerists, creatives and businesspeople:


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Bernhard Bischoff & Partner

Blanke Associates

Made in Melbourne

Leaky Studio

Critical Practice


Originally coming from video art, Robin Bhattacharya has been working in the field of immaterial art ever since the series of events collide/COLLABO (London, 2006), often as part of the research network Critical Practice (London, since 2005).


Critical Practice tries to apply Open-Source methodologies to the production of art and one of its aims is to always understand the specific context, critically reflect on it and make it publicly accessible. In workshops and talks, with a game (The Value Game, South London Gallery, 2007) or by re-arranging chairs and changing the dynamics of discussions (Systems Art, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2007), the public is stimulated to critically engage with the environment they are in.

Robin Bhattacharya also worked with the M6DIII-network on a multi-authored-contract, which makes visible the diversity of the voices involved (Abschlussball, Berlin, 2007) and a book project (Off Season, Cyprus, 2007).
Lately he participated in unitednationsplaza Mexico D.F. (Mexico City, 2008) and Disclosures (Gasworks, London, 2008)


As the work of Robin Bhattacharya usually consists in making possible an experience, though being free for all participants, it is still restricted by time and space, and so The ROBIN™ Currency is a rare opportunity to materially invest in the value of the artist.
First presented by Robin Bhattacharya in the context of Art Basel, The ROBIN™ Currency makes visible how a certain value is transferred from money into art.